I Never Signed Up for This....because  life looks nothing like what I expected.  Not that I’m complaining.
Since beginning my career in Miami as one of the first women journalists in television news, I’ve been a pioneer.  (Not quite old enough for a covered wagon heading west, though I did head west after Mel Brooks played matchmaker for my marriage.)
My pioneer spirit hasn’t waned, and I’ve applied it to health advocacy via my breast cancer journey, again when I started blogging and social media way ahead of my peers, and more recently founding WHOA! Network, a pioneering platform online that champions women’s vitality at every age.
At my core I’m a connector and storyteller, through writing, speaking and art. I’ve created content across the spectrum of traditional and new media, working with organizations from CBS to the American Cancer Society, always with the goal of inspiring and impacting others.
By this point my life is way too long to list everything I’ve done.  But life is way too SHORT for me to slow down and stop adding to the list.
My official bios always mention that I graduated from Yale as a member of the first class that included women.  Since I’m writing this one, I’d rather mention my most important accomplishment: my two children, Alli and Daniel.
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