Deli Man: Support Your Local Deli


You don’t have to be Jewish to Believe: that blintzes are bliss, pastrami is perfection;  matzo ball soup is magic. Support your Local Deli! If you even have one, you’re lucky.  As documented in the new documentary film Deli Man, delis have become an endangered species disappearing at an alarming rate. We’re down to less […]

Remember me and let my words live on: Lisa Bonchek Adams


Long before she died 3 days ago at age 45, Lisa Bonchek Adams wrote about her death.   Her post is typical Lisa.   Tackling the tough topics.  Simple direct words. Strong opinions about how she wants to be remembered.   It begins: When I die don’t think you’ve “lost” me. I’ll be right there […]

Life Interrupted


She never signed  up for this….. Barbie Ritzco did sign up to be a Marine, to be on the front lines fighting America’s battles. She did not sign up to be on the front lines fighting breast cancer. Soon after her deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, as she stood in the shower she could feel […]

A fashion disaster averts a Disney disaster

It’s not just that the sweatshirt looks like a kindergarten craft project. And it’s not just that I’m dressed exactly like my 5 year old. Dressing as twinsies wasn’t an occasional occurrence. It was a fashion statement; maybe not daily, but way too often. I was so over the moon to be a mom that […]


How do you know when you first meet someone that they will become your friend for life?  I certainly had no idea when I first met Carol Hatton. Initially we connected because she reached out her hand.   Who knew it would be our breasts that would connect us for life. What drew Carol to […]

City creative

Visiting New York City is  a creative jolt.  Not just walking around the city pulsating with energy —it’s also the center of the creative universe—creativity of all kinds. Between what to see— on stage, on the street,  in museums and galleries—not to mention what to eat— being in New York always brings inspiration. On my […]