Sealed With a Kiss: The Lips Project

Remember S.W.A.K.?  For anyone too young to know– that’s what you wrote next to the lipstick kiss on the back of letters to your boyfriend.  (Not that anyone writes letters anymore.)  S.W.A.K.  Sealed With a Kiss. Actually the lips in this image belong to a man—one of hundreds of people persuaded to put on lipstick […]

A place– and space– for a star

When I had breast cancer, I never would have believed a day would come when I’d say cancer brought me any rewards.  But it has. One of those was knowing Susan Niebur. Since this is breast awareness month, I should maybe mention that neither of us had any. Susan was a rare survivor  who, like […]

The art of remembering

One of the very few good things about having breast cancer is the privilege of getting to know other women with breast cancer who inspire me.  And one of the terrible things is how many of those women are no  longer here. This is about two of them—who never knew each other but who continue […]

The "art" of social media

It’s impossible to take a bad picture of a Carmel sunset. The iPhone is now part of the ritual along Carmel beach. It can get obsessive; so I try to limit how many I share. And with all due respect to the power of Facebook, can you really share the beauty of a sunset via the internet?  Much […]

Behind the scenes under the sea

Bubble wrap.  Q-tips.  Coffee filters.    Plastic forks. Not the typical raw materials of an artist. But that’s what we used during a recent craft workshop at Anthropologie. Somehow this was going to turn into Anthropologie’s celebration of Earth Day, a window display of ocean life. Sounded fishy to me—I thought even Martha Stewart couldn’t make […]

a window into Anthropologie

You can count on it.   The windows will be colorful—and wildly creative.  (This one is just paint slapped on pieces of wood.) And where else would you see an old  painter’s easel as part of the decor? You never know what you’ll see when you walk in—one reason I do it so often. I […]