the big one

birthday-candlesSo about that “big one” I mentioned yesterday.  Gulp.   I can barely type it because I truly can’t quite believe it:    6.0.

After I  wrote the post  I heard from lots of people telling me what they did —or are planning to do.  Trips.  Parties.   Grading term papers.  Ignoring it.

And everyone is wondering what I’m doing to celebrate mine.  Friends.  Family.  And mostly me.   I’ve been wondering—and discussing this—for months.

Birthdays are more important to me since I had cancer.  They demand to be celebrated.   I knew exactly what to do for the last big one.   When I was going through cancer treatment,  I promised myself if I survived to reach 50, I would throw a big party.   And  I did.

Now here I am and it’s 10 years later.   Maybe I’m completely shocked to get here….or maybe I completely don’t identify with the number.   Either way I am totally  stuck on 60.     I’m trying to come up with a creative idea.  All I know for sure is that there will be chocolate.

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  1. says

    Wow. If it’s any consolation, you look way younger than your actual age. At ACS, where I work, “Happy Birthday is a victory song.” Birthdays are absolutely momentous for us cancer survivors so you should definitely blow it out. Glad you’re thinking about birthdays and hope that you’ll be joining us for today’s blogger call to help ACS create a world with more birthdays!

  2. says

    I can so relate to “being stuck on 60”. One more year for me as I hope to celebrate 60 all through 59, so when I actually get there it willjust be, 60. Remember, we women age backwards when they are empowered, and women are celebrating empowerment now like never before. so…..CELEBRATE…Happy birthday D

  3. Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky says

    Welcome to the club! Enjoy the perks ,like the Early Bird specials. My wife has blown past 60, but she’s still a fabulous babe, and you can be one, too, especially with all the practice you’ve had to date. Happy Birthday, C4! (A little digital humor from the other day.)

  4. says

    Thanks! (Of course I just LOOK 39…) Actually I’m still a couple months away, not sure why I keep procrastinating, but other people are better about planning and thanks to them I’ll have lots of chances to celebrate—and LOTS of chocolate.

  5. Stephanie says

    you should make it a year long celebration….
    seeing old friends (like moi)….
    spending time with people you truly like…
    just cherish the moment….
    every birthday is so important as the alternative sucks….

  6. Stacy Steele says

    Happy Birthday Darryle! And one thing seems for sure. Your memory!!! You’ve got so much inside that 60 year old brain of yours. I love hearing it all. Look forward to hearing more on your sixtieth year on earth! Congrats!

  7. says

    Not so fast– I still have a couple months left in my 50’s.
    But thank you! Although I’m kind of sensitive about seeming to promote my birthday after blogging about it last summer. I don’t even list it on Facebook.

  8. Carol says

    Happy Birthday Darryle! You don’t even look old enough to get to that last big one, much less this one. Have a great birthday!

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