Forbes? There must be some mistake

My website isn’t ready,  I’m still a few days  weeks  from officially launching my business.  I did an interview awhile back and forgot about it until just now.  Yet there it is, titled Burn Your Resume, Be an Artist—  just published on

Classic.  Especially for me. 

People who know me are probably rolling their eyes at the concept of me as an entrepreneur. (Most of all, both of my husbands—especially when they find out I’m in the section titled Entrepreneurs.)   Though I’m filled with creative ideas, executing them isn’t my strength.   I’m surrounded by people in my life who are really talented at this– and a husband who’s a master business strategist.  So I’m sort of embarrassed to confess I don’t have a real business plan.

Not even considering that I’m starting when the economy is in the toilet,  I have other issues.  More than ever, launching a business is about  75% marketing.  I have major issues with that phrase. 

Just seeing a number makes me break out into a cold sweat.  And then there’s the word marketing.

Though I’m creating constantly, there are so many things I know I should be doing.   I haven’t shot a video, or even a head shot.   I know this sounds odd coming from someone who writes a personal blog —-still, even as a TV  newscaster I’ve never been comfortable selling  myself—or selling anything. 

Over the years I’ve donated my art to charities, given as gifts, sold locally, very casually and by commission.  I’ve had several studios in downtown Carmel specifically AWAY from the tourist mainstream; and I’ve always resisted turning my art into a serious business.

I’m doing it now for several reasons, including the fact that I’m so productive, my inventory is overflowing our garage. 

This is a huge leap for me; most of all because I’m turning what I love into what I do.  

Being prone to exaggeration,  in the Forbes piece I mention what I’ve often said: art saved my life. 

Actually I believe a cancer vaccine saved my life;  but art did save my sanity.

I hope that continues— since this process of starting a business is starting to drive me a little crazy.

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  1. m.e. loree says

    I am in the same place. Painting seriously for a while. Now I am in the process of entering a Juried Exhibition by the Plein air California Art Club.Scarry stuff..getting it out there when it’s been pretty much all mine. It just seems to be the natural evolution of the artist. But you’re way ahead of me in making it a business. You go girl!! Yes, art has saved my life too. It keeps ;Mr. Jekyl in check..

  2. says

    Isn’t it amazing to discover how much it feeds your soul? This sounds fantastic for you—and now can’t wait to see your work–I’m sure it’s gorgeous. You must be painting “seriously”—just the words “Juried Exhibition” would terrify me.

  3. Gayle says

    It is your passion that makes you a success! Your writing, your art, the love for your family…I always thought that you carried your fine business acumen in your hip pocket and you have been my role model in that regard!! That is why I love the photo of your desk…that image embodied my business brain and I have drawn comfort from it, knowing I wasn’t alone. Darryle, your art is real, it comes from your heart and soul and the success that follows always trumps a savvy business plan. Congratulations on a new chapter!

  4. Gail R says

    I think I’ll copy & paste this, take out the Forbes stuff and anything else that doesn’t apply and sign my name. Darryle, I’m THE SAME! Except that I do have my website, even though I’m redoing it. I also don’t have a business plan … I also can’t sell myself. But … I can take pictures and would be happy to do a photo shoot of you while I’m out there in November! Lots of people I know have used my pictures for their profiles, so think about it. I actually have my own theories as to why 7 years later I’m “almost there” but we’ll save that for a hike or when we have lunch!

  5. says

    Darryle, you have probably heard of the unschooling movement? I believe you just UNmarketed yourself. Keep doing it.

    :) Much appreciation and respect,

  6. says

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words, Gayle—maybe especially the ones where you make me feel better about my disaster of a desk. Seriously I”m very very touched, thank you.

  7. says

    You know I think your work is gorgeous—so is your website—
    I think lots of women have this problem selling themselves but I know when you get over it, your books will be a huge success. They’re spectacular gifts of love.
    Meanwhile thank you for your gift of love—and I might just take you up on the offer for the photo shoot–knowing me it’s likely I still won’t have done it by the time I see you in November.

  8. says

    You’re insightful as always. I think UN-marketing fits with the way I’ve approached everything else–UN-trained, but hopefully UN-afraid. Thank you for writing this piece and giving me a chance to add UN-marketing. I also LOVE the word you coined, Artepreneur—and I plan to steal it from you.

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