Memory loss? 10 Questions for the forgetful

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From the reaction to my recent posts on losing misplacing things, it seems as if many of us are in the same boat.  And it’s leaking fast.

Just as a reality check, I thought I’d share a little quiz to see if you should worry about memory loss.


 10 Questions to test your memory:

#1–Do you ever misplace your keys?

#2–Do you ever misplace the little gadget that helps you locate your keys?

#3–Do you call your cell phone several times a day to find out where it is?

#4–Do you ever start telling a story and forget where you were going with it?

#5–Do you ever forget what you wanted to put on your list of things to do?

#6–Do you ever  forget where you put the list?

#6–Do you ever repeat something you already said?

#7–Do you ever walk into a room and forget why you are there?

#8–Do you spend less time talking on your phone than looking for it?

#9–Do you ever repeat something you already said?

#10–Did you notice that there are actually 11 questions and #6 was repeated twice?


Bonus question: (for longtime readers of my blog)

Do you ever read something and then realize you already read it?


 Answers:  I wish I had some.

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  1. RON says

    This piece would be hysterical IF it did not hit so close to home, LOL. It is still vff. Thank you.

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