A fashion disaster averts a Disney disaster

It’s not just that the sweatshirt looks like a kindergarten craft project.

And it’s not just that I’m dressed exactly like my 5 year old.

Dressing as twinsies wasn’t an occasional occurrence. It was a fashion statement; maybe not daily, but way too often.

I was so over the moon to be a mom that I went over the top. I looked like I shopped in the Toddler department– for both of us.

Where were the fashion police when I needed them ?

My photos from that stage of life look like those features in People magazine: Who wore it better?

A rhetorical question.

(For this one I had an excuse: Pumpkins make a perfect disguise for a pregnancy)

There was one saving grace to being twinsies. Actually it took place on the very day this picture was taken.

It was Alli’s first time at Disneyland, we were with friends; heading toward the exit at the end of a full day when we saw Mickey.

The perfect photo op. I knelt down to take some shots of him with Alli; then my friend put her son in Alli’s spot; so I took a few of him.

And then I stood up.

I looked around. “Where’s Alli?” I asked my friend. She shrugged.

While she was watching me take her son’s picture, my child had disappeared. At Disneyland.

What flew into my mind instantly was a story I had just heard, about a little girl who was snatched at Disneyland, taken to the restroom by the bad guys— who cut her hair, dressed her in boys clothes, and took her right out the exit.

( I was such a neurotic mother I’m surprised I was even willing to go to Disneyland after hearing that story.)

Meanwhile my child was lost. (Don’t judge me; I blamed it on my former friend.)

I could picture Alli already in a restroom having her hair cut.

I became a lunatic; rushing for the exit before someone tried to escape with my daughter. I was so frantic I’m sure you could hear my screaming from Anaheim to Orlando.

Usually at Disneyland, it’s the kids who have the meltdown. So people were gathering around and staring.

Finally one lady in the crowd waved at me, pointing in a different direction, “Excuse me, I just saw a little girl running around over there. It has to be your daughter; she’s wearing the same sweatshirt.

Who’s laughing at twinsies now?

I highly recommend it as a security measure for family trips to Disneyland.

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  1. says

    Cute story Darryle. Same scary scenario happened to me at the zoo in Miami.. Lost my two toddlers, (we, unfortunately, were not dressed the same). After security scampered around the property -and 25 minutes later- we found the two of them, clutching each others hands tightly; admiring the Reeis monkeys’!

  2. Ron says

    Darryle: If I didn’t see the pictures I would not believe the number of times you dressed as “twinsies”, but in the end you ended up being the smart mother. You kinda had a feeling that if Alli wandered away, it would be easy to remember what she was wearing. I have always admired your common sense intelligence, lol.

  3. says

    You really committed to a trend!

    When we took our little kids to Disney in ’03 I had a new phone that took pictures (technology!).

    Every morning I’d line the kids up in front of our hotel door before we left for the park and took a picture of each child, head to toe. I’d heard the same haircut story.

  4. says

    Oh, I think these are adorable and they brought back memories of dressing as twinsies myself. Usually in some form of neon color or bright jewel tone so we could all spot one another miles away.
    And the Disney story? Totally justifies it!

  5. Kelly says

    Darryle, this story tips the scale on the hysterically funny stories—with a matching ending! Happy New Year!

  6. says

    I once bought my husband and sons matching Mickey Mouse sweatshirts. They were adorable, just like you and your daughter, but once was enough for that. However, I remember there being a string of years that my sons and I all dressed in turtlenecks with seasonal tiny prints. Not twinsies, but very matchie.

  7. says

    Yikes. I was with friends who also lost their son at Knotts Berry farm, similar story to yours. They were incredibly calm, like it sounds as if your kids were. . I’m sure I would have fainted long before 25 minutes was up.

  8. says

    Haha. I wish I could pretend I had any such feeling before going to Disneyland, but It was totally a fashion decision. And trust me, the number of times these pictures show us as twinsies is just a tiny drop in the bucket. Oy.

  9. says

    Thanks Bonnie for making me feel better that anything could justify repeated twinsies. And I think my glitter and spangled stuff from the eighties was our version of neon.

  10. says

    Well Ginger, now that you mention it, you’re going to force me to confess that on the days that I didn’t dress us as twinsies, most of the time we were “very matchie”. Honest.

  11. says

    Such a cute tale. I wish I had a little girl to be “twinsies” with. I love my boys, but I was not going to be walking around in “Nike, just do it” and “basketball is my life” t-shirts in public.

  12. Amy Hughes says

    These pictures are terrific!! – We went to Disney World when Sarah had just turned 3 and she kept running off. She was so excited to see everything. We kept saying ‘Where is Sarah?’. We were all constantly looking for her. So we bought a leash (seriously) that was sold there. It was like a telephone cord. I guess this is a common problem. She wouldn’t put it on so we told her we were taking her home and then lo and behold she stuck her hand out to be ‘cuffed’!! Problem solved. We still talk about her leash.
    By the way your daughter looks just like you in the pictures! And I always bought the same outfits for the kids and now I do the same for the grandchildren. Some things never change……
    Great story and great pictures! xoAmy

  13. says

    I have to say… I think you all look pretty cute! Having been through this a bit as a child (my mother made my clothes, and made doll clothes to match and thought everything matching was just dandy)… I didn’t do this with my own kids.

    Then again – they’re boys! I was more than content to dress them in whatever was simple (and washable!) – and myself, in whatever fit and went with my heels.

  14. says

    I remember that story!! Is it true?? I lost my son…er, no, MY MOM lost my son, at Sea World and I’ve never been so stark-raving terrified in all of my life. For those brief moments my entire life flashed before my eyes. That is truly one of the most horrible feelings. I’m glad she’d just wandered away.

    As far as the fashion goes, you might not have been making a red-carpet fashion statement, but you both were adorable.

  15. says

    I loved mother – daughter- daughter outfits (I was one of two sisters). I don’t think my mom ever thought of them as a security precaution but back when I was a kid stranger danger wasn’t commonplace. Loved your pics and think you were an adorable pumpkin!

  16. says

    Another wonderful–and wonderfully written–post by one of my favorite bloggers! The photos are too adorable for words, and when I read the “Who wore it better?” reference I laughed out loud–husband asked what was so funny? Well, Darryle is so funny, that’s what. And even in the midst of humor a Disney-esque roller coaster moment of worry. Glad the matching outfit saved the day!

  17. says

    SO funny to hear that story; my parents said I was the type of kid who always ran away and I had a leash, too. I always told myself I would never do that to my kids; and I didn’t, but I was sure tempted. I always thought it was adorable for girls to dress alike, like my mom did with us. I’m sure if I had grandchildren I’d do the same thing! I bet most grandmothers still do that, and always will. xxxoo

  18. says

    Matching with dolls opens up a whole new arena—my mom didn’t sew so we never did that. But sounds as if your mom was an early adopter of the American girl doll craze. Thanks.

  19. says

    Thank you! So funny that you heard that same story; obviously an urban legend. There is nothing more terrifying than those moments when you think you lost your kid in a public place. I’m sure far scarier for parents than for the kids.

  20. says

    I don’t remember my mom ever dressing us like her—but she ALWAYS bought my sister and I matching outfits—maybe into our teens? haha Thank you! Might have to drag out that pumpkin costume for next Halloween.

  21. says

    So sweet of you, Marci! I have to say I check out those “Who wore it better?” features; but fashionistas must cringe to find themselves featured. Thanks so much for commenting.

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