Brahms and brownies

When my side of the family gets together, (as Ron noticed in the comments) it’s all about food.    Aspen is an amazing place for foodies—and Carla of course researched all the great restaurants they want to try—so we are eating some amazing meals and living a Jackie Mason routine—sitting in a restaurant moaning about how full we are from lunch,  discussing where we’re going to eat dinner.

The thing is, although I can match Carla and Paul bite for bite, there’s part of the picture you’re not seeing.

carla-and-paul-bikeEvery day by the time I join them for lunch, they’ve just finished a 2-hour bike ride.  Trust  me, I’m not spending those hours doing anything so strenuous to work up an appetite.  Although today on my walk I discovered a place more suitable for MY kind of expertise, where they use MY kind of equipment:



I’ve now made my own official contribution to Carla’s research on great food in Aspen: Cloud Nine brownies.  The best part is that if you click here, you don’t have to travel to get them. (I’ll be visiting Aspen much more often from now on.)


Jill and Jim Pomeroy are the founders of Cloud Nine and when I heard their story, it immediately reminded me of a free concert we heard last night in Aspen –by a fantastic group called Sybarite 5, who play everything from Brahms to the Beatles.


Although she creates all the recipes, Jill Pomeroy can’t even taste them—she can’t eat chocolate.   She is truly an artist—the Beethoven of Brownies.

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  1. says

    There’s something amazing about creating chocolate brownies when you can’t eat chocolate….lemme see, how does this apply to me???

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