You can go home again

I wish I had been smart enough at the time to take full advantage of my Yale education.   I can’t go back and change that;  but to avoid making the same mistake twice, at least I try to take advantage of the Yale experience now.

That’s one reason I spent the weekend in New Haven– at a celebration of 40 years of coeducation.

Since I just got home after a long trip back;  it’s too late—-and too early—to process the entire event.

Mostly I was too busy talking—and listening—to do anything else.  Though I did go back to visit my home from those days—Trumbull College.

All undergraduates are assigned to residential colleges while at Yale; this is the Trumbull courtyard
The Trumbull common room---looks exactly the way I remember it.

The dining hall looks the same too; and so does the food.

When we arrived at Yale, all the women in Trumbull were housed in this one entryway. I think there were around 20 women and around 200 men.
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  1. says

    We are NEVER smart enough to appreciate our university experience when we are in the throes of it. I had a similar reaction at my 20th reunion at Cornell, and promptly wrote the thank-you note to my parents that they deserved 20 years prior! When I was looking at Ivy League schools, knowing I would never get in, the only reason I chose Cornell was that it was the only co-ed school at the time. Yes, we had electricity back then, except during THE blackout on 11/965: even motor cars!
    The times they are a changin.
    Wish I could add a picture here

  2. says

    A thank-you note to your parents for your education—is a wonderful idea! I hope anyone who reads this will think of doing that.
    I wish it wasn’t too late for me to do that for my father.

    Still can’t get over meeting you so recently—and so randomly— and learning we were both at Cornell. Always love those small world stories.

  3. says

    I hope you will; and hope it turns out as wonderful it always does for me whenever I reconnect in any way with college days. With our perspective now, there’s so much to be gained from experiences like that–reconnecting with people and places from past lives.

  4. Bob says

    Oh, but maybe you did, take full advantage. You became you. A very gifted woman and a very special achievement. So one extra question on this night, even in the original Kingdom of the Goyim, why is this person different than any other person? Yale and all the other stops along the way.

  5. says

    Very sweet of you. And this is the story of each of us—all our stops added together. I’m sure it’s enriched your story to have made a stop in the “Kingdom of the Goyim.” –love it.

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