a window into Anthropologie

You can count on it.   The windows will be colorful—and wildly creative.  (This one is just paint slapped on pieces of wood.)

And where else would you see an old  painter’s easel as part of the decor?

You never know what you’ll see when you walk in—one reason I do it so often.

I was thrilled when the chain opened a store here, since Carmel isn’t exactly Manhattan, where I first went into one of the stores in Soho years ago.   I’ve always wondered about who and what is behind the amazingly creative and colorful displays—unique in every store.  And I finally got a chance to find out when a few weeks ago, I saw something new—

It turned out that our local store offers these workshops a few times a year; to sign up you don’t need any creativity; just curiosity.   I’ve always been convinced that Anthropologie’s demographic covers a wide range of ages; and it  turns out I was right.


 Our group was composed of all ages, including  some freshmen girls who showed up after high school—


A few employees were there to provide instruction;  the rest of us did this for fun and for free–as long as you don’t count the snacks provided.  (The chocolate guarantees I’ll show up for the next workshop.)

 I’ll post the finished window as soon as it’s installed.  I can’t wait to see what magic they will make out of  bubble wrap, Q-tips and plastic forks.

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