Behind the scenes under the sea

Bubble wrap.  Q-tips.  Coffee filters.    Plastic forks.

Not the typical raw materials of an artist.

But that’s what we used during a recent craft workshop at Anthropologie.

Somehow this was going to turn into Anthropologie’s celebration of Earth Day, a window display of ocean life.

Sounded fishy to me—I thought even Martha Stewart couldn’t make something beautiful out of this stuff.

 When I stopped by to see the window in progress they had moved on to corrugated cardboard.

Just a few days later…..

Not every craft project uses an actual craft.

The designer rescued a rowboat from somewhere, added some paint, some wax,

some penne pasta—a lot of creativity and a lot of hours.

I can’t even imagine how much time it must take putting the whole display together especially considering that my one hour contributed maybe 5 bubble wrap barnacles.  

It’s hard to capture the dramatic effect;  see if you can find the Q-tips, plastic spoons and coffee filters in the final result.


Perfect theme for the marine life on the Monterey Peninsula.  And Happy Earth Day to everyone!

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