art therapy

First there was Celebrity death watch.

Then killing granny.

……even though I promised to lighten up.

OK.  So I need a little blog- lift.  And I know just the ticket—a foolproof cure for the blues.    Absolutely NOTHING lifts my spirits more.

Of course I’m talking about…. chocolate.... creativity.    If I could provide chocolate, I would—-but it doesn’t travel well through cyberspace.   Fortunately, art does.

Both of these stories came to my attention today—from different sides of the country—

Phoenix Rises at Nepenthe

This fabulous painting is by Susan Thacker , one of 30 Big Sur artists donating their work to benefit the Big Sur Health Center.   The silent auction starts this weekend at the Restaurant at Ventana, just re-opening after being closed for a year due to fire.   You can visit the show  if you’re lucky enough to be nearby.    Or just click here—and you’re still lucky—you can see all the art online.

More art…from the other side of the country…. these amazing boxes by Ronnie Kirsch in New York. … made out of polymer clay.



You can click here to learn more about Ronnie’s work.. She’s now taken her art in a whole new direction…and I will never forget the day I sat at her kitchen table and saw the first few examples of her brand new venture……called In a Clutch  (click here to visit her site). When you see her bags in Vogue, just remember you saw them here first….



Susan and Ronnie have both promised to teach me—-so I get to look forward to a double dose of spiritual uplift—-they’re not only talented artists, but wonderful friends.

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