Wedding Crasher

It’s an extra bonus of life in Carmel.  The beach is a destination whether it’s day or night.

By day, weddings are a pretty regular thing, especially during the summer.  On our walk the other day,  Jane and I saw three of them; two on the same beach where one group was taking some final pictures while the other group was waiting for the wedding to start.

We decided to wait too, until the barefoot bride emerged from the limo/dressing room.


Maybe weddings are on my mind because tomorrow is my anniversary with V— even though it’s not the day we got married.   Or maybe because I got married (twice) without planning my own weddings or adding personal touches, I really appreciate people who do.

A family friend recently got married; their wedding on the coast of Maine was a totally hands-on hand-made event.  Morgan and Pete are both in their last year of med school, but still managed to personally create everything from the invitations to the colorful decorations—most amazing of all, Morgan made her own dress.

I loved the personal spin on the wedding two weeks ago of my nephew Max, a photographer, and his wife Dana–which they also did themselves.

They transformed an empty studio space in Los Angeles to create a mood in their own minimalist style, including a photography set-up for portraits.

 On the tables were jars of homemade granola, burlap runners and centerpieces they made out of jars filled with water, stones and candles– the only flowers were in the bride’s hair, or carried by the flower girls.

The couple made their entrance to the music of a ukulele and a long 12 foot horn that was made—and played– by a longtime friend;  they were married by the professor who introduced them.  I had to pull out my phone to capture the scene.  You can feel the love.

A lifetime of  love and happiness to all.  And Happy Anniversary to V.


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  1. V says


    And happy anniversary to you too. Say, how about, for our twentieth, that we renew our vows with the kids and and few friends. You would get to create something personal to you this time. Is two years for planning enough for you ?



  2. marlawentner says

    Hi Darryle. I just had to comment that with a proposal like that from V you could put together that particular festivity in just a few days! Just think what you could do with two whole years. Congratulations to you both. 18 years is a big accomplishment.

  3. says

    Thanks, Marla—I also feel 18 years is an accomplishment—yet it’s hard to believe it’s been that long; time seems to go so much faster at this age!
    it’s tempting to think even at this late date of planning a “wedding” that FEELS like me, which neither of my weddings ever did, wonderful as they were. I’m definitely going to plan on it, although I wish I could say I’m organized enough to start planning two years ahead. That will NEVER happen. haha; thanks so much.

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