Television: Take Two

I was too young to realize how lucky I was; so lucky that I literally fell into the perfect career for me, at the perfect time; in the perfect place.

Miami is a great news town.  My TV station, one of the oldest in the industry, dominated the market.

It was truly the golden age of television news.

It was an opportunity to be a pioneer—for breaking stories and breaking barriers.

Back then I was one of the first women– and one of the only women–in TV news (this proves I’m not exaggerating).

No matter which department they worked in,  I think pretty much everyone felt the same way about working at WTVJ—especially now that we look back on how the whole industry has changed.

Plus the older we all get, the more we appreciate and treasure such wonderful memories.

So a few years ago, somebody decided it would be fun to get together for a reunion.   Living in California for so long, I hadn’t seen my co-workers for years and years; and couldn’t wait.

Only it turned out to be one of those times when you wish you could be in two places at once.    I had to make a decision: family obligations in California– or the WTVJ reunion in Miami?

I came up with a creative solution so I could be at the party.

Everybody had so much fun, there’s another reunion—this weekend.  And I’m going……again.

Only last time I wasn’t really cut out for partying.    This time I won’t be quite so QUIET–or quite so STIFF.

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